The art of receiving

Would you like an extra moment of relaxation and connection during your stay? Then it is Massage Ritual maybe something for you. A loving touch not only ensures that the happiness substances start flowing back into your body, it above all ensures a connection between you and your loved one.
The Massage Ritual takes place on the lounge bed by the fireplace in your Love Bubble and is given by the founders of the Love Bubbles: Mariëtte and/or her beloved Jalbert. Mariëtte has developed a unique touch technique with which she 'turns on' the love flow in the body. This ensures that you quickly sink into your body and after the ritual the love between you and your loved one can flow freely. Jalbert also uses this technique. During the ritual they use warm oil and warm cloths. There is always a short introduction with a cup of tea beforehand. After that, there are several options of which you have made your choice known in advance:

Massage by Mariëtte or her lover 
If you choose to have one of them massage you, you will be massaged in turn, in front of each other, on the futon by the fireplace. You can join in with a massage (so that your loved one gets a 4-hand massage) but you can also doze (asleep) next to your loved one.

Massage by Mariëtte and her lover together
If you choose to be massaged together by Mariëtte and her lover, you will be massaged at the same time. Usually Mariëtte massages the man and her lover the woman, but you can indicate in the preliminary conversation if you want this differently.

Massage Ritual Intensive
Do you want to add an in-depth look to the relaxation in it Massage Ritual? In the Massage Ritual Intensive there is an extensive preliminary discussion in which you share about the theme on which you wish to be inspired and / or present your quest to Mariëtte. This way it gets Massage Ritual  an intention with it. In addition to relaxation, a deepening layer is now also touched so that you can connect 'as new' again. If desired and necessary, you will receive tools after your stay with which you can continue at home.   

Massage Ritual Extended
Love for each other starts with love for yourself. The more you love yourself, the more you can give to your loved one. 
After a telephone intake in which you make your wishes clear, you will receive an individual on the first one during your 2-night stay Massage Ritual. On the second day you will receive one Massage Ritual Intensive by Mariëtte and her lover together.

Would you like to add a Massage Ritual to your stay? follow this link to arrange this directly or app with Fleur (also if you want more information). 

In the video below you can hear Mariëtte Sinninghe Damsté (initiator of the Love Bubbles) about the power of touch.

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