Tantra Shakti Box

Slow Surrender  

Intimacy and / or sexuality sooner or later becomes a sensitive topic in most relationships. Often one person has more needs than the other or sex becomes a pattern-based thing. The simple reason this happens is because we don't really understand what intimate is for; namely to make deep contact with (first of all) yourself and (then) to live life full of life and passion. The Tantra-Shakti Box together gives you tools to be fully present in the body. Only when you are completely in touch with your body can you truly surrender to life in general and to your loved one in particular. This is an endless game where you experience an ever deeper level of surrender ... 

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The content consists of all the ingredients that you need for it Slow Surrender - ritual: the jade egg, our own super massage oil, incense with holder from india, handmade temple rug, super soft cloth, rose quartz massage stick, candle with holder, talcum powder with feather, a handmade necklace for her and step by step the explanation for this playful ritual.

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Watch the video The Secret of Surrender belonging to the Love Ritual Box Tantra-Shakti