dream box

All your dreams come true! 

Did you know that we are here on earth to create and manifest? Simply put: to realize our dreams? And did you know that friendship, love (and yes, also sexuality) are meant to energize these dreams and to make them collectively so that they grow even bigger? This process naturally starts with making contact with and sharing your dream. The creation is actually an easy step afterwards! The Dream Box helps you to make contact with your dream and then explains step by step how you can make your dream come true. Alone, together with your partner, with your family, with the world…. It is possible, really!

MG 8094 smallThe content of the box consists of all the ingredients that you need for it Lift my Dreams - ritual: dried sage with albona shell to burn it in, a handmade dream catcher, a dream notebook with pencil, a box of dreamcards to help you dream, a temple rug, candle with holder, explanation for the ritual and of course the star quartz geode to to keep the dream (s) in!

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with Fleur.