Making the secret of love

You can of course use the time in the Love Bubble to relax, enjoy all the goodies and beauty around you and hang out in the jacuzzi. However, you can also use this dual time to deepen your love, to get to know each other in a different way, to awaken the passion, to be intimate in a playful way and to learn new things. This is how love is made!

With the Love Rituals we inspire you during your stay in the Love Bubble, but hopefully also afterwards. 
These love rituals were developed by the initiator of the Love Bubbles (Mariëtte Sinninghe Damsté) and inspire on the themes that we often get back from the loved ones who visit us. Such as: How do we bring the feeling of love back into our relationship? How can we make a fresh start? How can we be again or more intimate? How do we fix a breach of trust? How can we communicate more lovingly? How do I learn to surrender better? How can we bring playfulness and / or spirituality into our sexuality?

Mariëtte hopes to inspire you to find your own answers, answers that can also change depending on the phase in your relationship. The love rituals vary  Love Ritual Boxes where you yourself work with a theme step by step in a playful way into one Cocoa Ceremony where you come out of your head, into your heart together, increasing your sensitivity to touch and sharing from your heart. There are also several Massage Rituals where you can experience the magic of a loving touch.  

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